Welcome - yet again!

I lost the count of how many blogs I have started and not finished / ditched after some time. I always had a great ideas, but could not keep up with that I have promised to myself.

So why should this time to be any different? Well, I’m ditching all the common platforms and reverting back to the basis. It reminds me the times when I have started with the Internet in 1995. Everything was simple, every page was basic html. We were using modems to connect to the internet and even downloading single mp3 file (about 3.5MB) took ages.

So you won’t fine no Wordpess here, no Joomla, no PHP-Nuke or similar systems. What you will find though is simple blog and no fancy features. I’m actually typing this is Atom editor for Mac, the file extension is .md, which might not tell you a lot. However, it’s simple. I don’t have to do any html coding, yet, my new page support css and javascript. I have to run special server software on my computer, in order to create the pages, then publish them with deploy command directly to my server. There is no database. Good luck “crackers!” (which is a proper term, not hackers!). I’m making my pages lightning fast, while they stay responsible.

I had to simplify my life lately and in the process I have realised that you don’t need much to live quality life. The same would apply to blogging - personal website. You don’t need Wordpress in order to have an online presence, bloated with plugins and extremely hackable. It really depends on what you are after, but we have all heard that the good things come in small packages.

So I’m officially opening yet another blog with this post, but this time I am really sticking to it. Enjoy your stay here. And yeah - your comments and messages are most welcome.