Hello, this is Oliver Bross. I welcome you to my page with open arms.

To begin with, I’ve always wanted to share my own ideas about life, travel and fitness with everybody. After exploring many fascinating places and meeting different people, I realised that the only way I could share all these knowledge that I had accumulated from others was in the form of easy-written, precise and obviously, well-informed articles. So here I am, ready to take you on an enlightening journey through my blog.

Bits and pieces of what I enjoy

Previously, I used to have some remarkable hobbies but as time changed, so did my hobbies- they escalated as I grew up. At the moment, paragliding is at the top of my list, for which I did a course in the summer of 2013 and started actively flying from January 2014.This interest took me to many out of the ordinary locations of Italy, Austria, Turkey, Colombia, Australia, UK and Canary Islands and now, French Alps is waiting in the queue- no one knows where the wind will take me next. Over the past ten years, I have won plentiful of contests as ham radio operator and right now, I’m even trying to learn playing guitar but I have to always put them aside for travelling. Besides, photography is something I thoroughly revel in but I had to, also, put it aside. However, I’m planning to someday publish a collection of photos that I’ve taken over the years and keep shooting and adding more to the collection with the course of time.

My Inspiration

With growing older and picking up newfangled ideas, I wanted to spread whatever I learnt amid the people and that is what triggered me to start my own blog. We, humans, come from different backgrounds with assorted views and philosophies, and that led me to think that what could be better than exchanging all these knowledge that can further develop our lives and us, as humans! It is my passion and gathered wisdom that I want to present to my lovely readers.

The wonderful readers make this blog so special

The magnificence of my blog is that it’s intended for a wide range of readers- starting from teens to the retired elders. I can assure that everyone can certainly uncover something exciting, different and definitely educational through my blog. Hopefully, reading my articles will not only flood you with new knowledge and ideas but also, it will open your eyes to look at the people, earth, and its nature in a new way.

I have faith in my blog that it has the qualifications, eminence and power to elicit confidence- which is the definition of credibility and thus, the definition of my blog. It will give my wonderful readers all the elements that they would want in any great blog- knowledgeable, delicate, honest and extremely likeable articles.

Something I’d like to say to my wonderful readers

Yes, life is short but we can make the most of it by not getting consumed by materialism but instead, concentrating on the simpler pleasures of life. Go out, walk on the top of a local hill, look through- What do you see? Pin your ears back to the sounds- What can you hear? This, right here, is your world. Feel the wind, travel the world and most importantly, enjoy yourself. Do what you love but not what everyone expects you to do. Live life to the fullest- You only get to live once!