Installing hexo-admin-ehc with yarn

I used to use Wordpress before for all of my websites, but this time I want to do thing differently. I have settled with Hexo server / environment as it provides me with a little bit of challenge writing website content in markdown as well as provides me with the best speed possible which can be only achieved by having simple, not bloaded website.

On my Macbook Pro I have been using Atom text editor ( but as I was used to write everything in a nice Wordpress admin environment, I wanted to try to install hexo-admin-ehc, an admin UI for the Hexo blog engine. It’s based on the Ghost interface, with inspiration from svbtle and

Unfortunatelly, I was not able to simply install it as per the supplied instructions:

npm install --save hexo-admin-ehc
hexo server -d
open http://localhost:4000/admin

I was missing some libraries. Hexo blog engine is not widly used as Wordpress or others, so search did not reveal a lot on the internet.

The solution how to run hexo-admin-ehc is to install the missing bits. This can be simply achieved by running the following commands:

brew install yarn
yarn global add gulp-cli
yarn add gulp
gulp build

Then just simply restart hexo and viola: http://localhost:4000/admin/ starts to work as it should.

For the above you would of course need to install brew - install guides can be easily found on the internet.