Everest Base Camp Trek Part 5/11, Day2 - Monjo to Namche Baazar

I woke up just a few minutes before 6 am and grabbed my Kindle in order so I an read few pages from a book. At about half-past six I started to put my personal possessions back into my backpack, including my sleeping back.

I was able to get down to the restaurant almost exactly at 7 in the morning, waiting for my Ozzie friend Tom. He did turn out just few minutes later. He said that he was not feeling particularly well and had a mild headache. I had oatmeal with banana for the breakfast, it was nice, but unfortunately, I did add some extra white sugar into it to make it more palatable and to get more energy for the next trek.

Tom decided to stay put for a few hours, even though he felt better after his breakfast. I left him in Monjo, said good-bye, hope we will meet again in Namche Baazar.

I left Monjo a few minutes before 8 am, stopping at the end of the village to purchase Park Entry Permit and say hi to the police dude at the checkpoint.

I was already meeting hikers going down back to Lukla early that morning. The path was ok, a bit middy at the beginning but more frozen up especially above 3100 ASL. There were up and down sections with a few suspension bridges along the way.

Just shortly after leaving Monjo I felt very sad, walking on my own for the first time on this trek. I was thinking about my sweetheart yet again (I know I should not). I wanted to cry and I actually did. This trek would have been a dream for her. I knew it, I felt it. She loves hiking, I imagined her walking next to me with a big smile on her face. That made me even sadder and I experienced a mild panic attack, while I tried to push further. I remember her asking me what I want to do in my life and I knew she did not believe me what I was saying.

I wanted to share all my life experiences with her, I wanted to marry her, have kids (well, maybe just one) and live our lives fully. She now chose a different path. Unfortunately, I don’t think she thought it through. She probably has to leave Australia soon and start again unless she can think about a different way how to stay. I did think we were very compatible. I was looking forward to hiking the whole of the Slovakian Paradise with her as well as High Tatra’s and other places. I was looking forward to carrying our child on those trips. She hurt me a lot, she did the worst thing someone can do to you. I know I should have to stop thinking about her, this was the general advice from all my friends. The sooner you stop, the sooner you can move on with your life! (I have been told on numerous occasions). I understand the mechanics of this. I know what I should be doing. But it is not as easy as everyone says.

Before this trip I posted a long post on my FB profile, telling people that I won’t be contactable for some time as I need time off for myself and I meant it. I have not been in touch with anyone since then, including my sweetheart with the only exception - my mum and one close friend (Mr. K).

I just hope my sweetheart will realize later on what kind of mistake she did and gives us one more change. (For the reader here - I know this will not happen, but who can stop me writing it here?). Yes, everyone would advise me against taking it. But if you truly love someone - it’s hard. I do strongly believe I can move on with her, knowing what she did, I’m able to forgive and forget. And I already told her so.

The trek to Namche from Monjo was barely 7 kilometers long and I managed to tackle it in just 2 hours and 15 minutes, frequently stopping on the way. I also had to go via yet another police checkpoint, which was not far from Namche, where a young guy took all my details, including information where I am going and when I was due back in Lukla. I wonder how this information is going to be used.

The views from Namche were quite spectacular. Beautiful Nepalese architecture in this area was surrounded by majestic mountains. I had to take some pictures with my camera before moving on and finding my next accommodation.

I have checked in in Kundu Longe, which was yet again recommended. They gave me a basic room with just one bed for 300 NPR for a night. Of course, they expect you to eat at their restaurant, otherwise, they will charge you another 300 bucks. I did not see this as an issue as I was looking to have Dal BAht there for the dinner anyway.

After a change of clothes, I went out for a little stroll and to get some food. I ended up in the Himalayan Java Coffe place, where I ordered rice with curry and almost a liter of lemon tea. The food was delicious and the tea warmed me up nicely. I could also charge my stuff there for free, even gained free Internet access so I could send few pictures to my mum as well as tell her that I’m fine. After the meal, I have written all of the above, of what happened today so far.

Back at the lodge I counted my money and decided to exchange the last 100 AUD and 27 USD I had in my wallet. I also visited a few shops as I thought I might need an extra base layer to keep me warm on this trip. Unfortunately, the good stuff was just way too expensive, as it was from Merino wool. The top cost about 14000 NPR and bottoms 10000 NPR which was in my eyes a robbery. Instead of that, I have opted for a thinner, fleece type jacket style piece of clothing, which I could wear on the top of the thinner layers, un under the down jacket I already had if needed. I actually put it on straight away in the shop and it did make a huge difference in the way I felt. I was much warmer!

Shortly after I met a Polish couple, whom I have seen the day before on the way to Monjo. We had a good chat mixing English, Polish and Slovak language. I found out that they were both doctors and they want to get tot he Everest Base Camp as I do. They were very pleasant and it was good to talk to them.

It started to snow so I went back to the coffee place for another half a liter of lovely lemon tea. I also wanted to send a few photographs to my mum from the local area. I’m not sure if I will have Internet once I leve Namche Baazar, certainly, I will not purchase it in order to get online as I supposed to be off-grid anyway.

I got back to Khumbu Lodge where I was staying at about 7 PM, got rid of my boots and strolled into their restaurant for my meal.

I was happy to see Tom - the Ozzie guy I spent the day before there. He already had his dinner so I ordered mine, had a chat to him and started to write my diary shortly after, while he was reading on his Kindle book about World War 2 history.

I do wish my sweetheart would sit next to me so we could have a chat about our day, look at the pictures we have taken throughout the day and planned what to do tomorrow as it would be advisable to stay in Namche for a couple of nights and acclimatize fully. My sweetheart’s trip planning skills were second to none and I miss her greatly. I know, I need to get over her, but the reader of this has to realize that my feelings towards my sweetheart are very deep, with long roots and it is just not easy to throw everything behind and simply forget. At this moment I’m not able to do it.

The truth is that I have not yet met another woman like my sweetheart before. Yeah, she still needs to learn a lot, but she is one smart girl and has heaps of great qualities. I’m just sad she finished our relationship in such a way, well, exactly the same way as she ended her previous relationship. She greatly values honesty and truth, so I don’t understand why she did what she did. As I mentioned before, dear reader, we need to learn how to forgive, and I did.

I apologize for writing so much about my previous relationship as this post should be about my trek to the Everest Base Camp. I hope I can compensate it with some pictures from the area I treked through. Enjoy!