Everest Base Camp Trek - Part 3/11, Failed take-off

I woke up at about 5:20, full 10 minutes before my alarm would do the job. It did not take me long to stuff the remainder of my things into the backpack. Checking out process was simple, I paid only for 1 night so they refunded me only 50 rupees from my 500 rupee deposit. 2 nights cost me 900 ruppies, which is not bad, the food was cheap and the people were very friendly. Just for your information, 1000 ruppies is about 12.7 AUD.

I already knew where the taxis parked and negotiated without any issues 500 ruppies for the ride to the domestic side of the Kathmandu’s airport.

The airport was organized chaos. I had to wait till like 8:20 for the check-in, even though my flight was due to depart at 8:30. I was even given a different flight number to the one I booked online and had to wait over an hour in the departures lounge, which looked like a big old train or bus station. I was also getting increasingly hungry as did not have breakfast. I thought I will grab something to eat in Lukla before I start the trek.

While waiting in the departure hall I texted few friends to say goodbye including my mum as well as sent them some pics from the airport.

I also tried to call my friend Karl In Australia to say thanks for everything he did for me over the past few weeks. Without him and Trevor, I probably wouldn’t be writing these words. I could call Karl almost anytime and he was always there for me.

I still can’t believe my sweetheart left me. I really wanted only the best for us, we planned our future together. Now I understand that I was not showing her how serious I was. In the last few months I was flying a lot while she worked hard around the camp. I did have another hidden agenda which I did not share with her. Now I know I should have talked to her about it, to reassure her that I only have the best intentions for us. I was trying to earn some money by doing crypto day-trading. It was not easy, I was very nervous as I could lose even more money. That’s the reason why I kept it as a secret. I was also trying to increase the stash of one particular cryptocurrency as I strongly believed in it. After almost 3 months of hard work, I repaid our debts and bought hundreds of thousands of the other crypto. I even scrambled some money for an engagement ring!

But it was already too late. She was probably already doing things behind my back. I planned to propose on the 14th of February. Before I was able to do so, I had to go for an interview to Sydney. She called me on the 19th in the evening and my life virtually ended there and then.

While waiting for my flight on the airport I reflected back at all what happened. I felt very sad, I wanted to cry! She should have been with me here, we actually planned a trip like this about 6 months ago.

Eventually, the flight was announced I hopped on an old bus which took us to the plane. The plane was actually Tara Airplane, not Yeti airlines; it looked old and fragile. I secured seat 1B, which was the first one behind the pilot’s cabin. Of course, I had to take some complimentary photos to prove the case.

Unfortunately, the plane was turned back just seconds before we would take off. We were ready and waiting for the tower to allow us to take-off when we got the information that Lukla airport was closed due to the bad weather. All we could do is to taxi back to the airplane parking spot and get out of it.

Anyway, I’m back at Alobar100 in Thamel Kathmandu for yet another night. I still got half a day so I want to hit the streets with my camera again. I have refueled and really need to get out as all I want to do is to cry.

Well, before I hit the roads of Kathmandu I looked up famous Stupa attraction here and found out it’s only like 4km away. It’s called Swayambhunath Stupa. I took some pics of local life on the way to the stupa and picked up a bag of biscuits from the bakery alongside the road. Before I could reach the Stupa I had to climb a long flight of stairs and pay the compulsory 200 rupee entry. I fully get the religious meaning of sites like that but honestly - I expected a little bit more. The whole site was one building site, the views were nice, but it was quite overcast which made the pictures I taken not so interesting. I was able to snap a quick photo of a young girl - she posed up nicely to me for which I gave her 20 rupee note and a couple of biscuits.

I don’t think I can take good street and architecture photographs, however, I do like people photography, especially with my 56mm Fuji lens which is absolutely fantastic for this task.

I was thinking to grab something to eat on the way back from the stupa, but opted to go back to the hostel as the food was pretty good there and for a reasonable price. I ordered Aloo Paratha for the second time today and have not regretted it. I also asked for a lack of coffee, which was highly unusual for me as I stopped drinking it a few years ago and prefer matcha tea now.

I spend the rest of the afternoon just relaxing on the rooftop of the hostel, reading Kindle book as well as some Internet guides about Everest base camp trek. Just go get more calories in I have ordered vegetable rice dish and mint tea. Interesting fact - mint tea, even lemon tea is not just pure lemon/mint, but a combination of the lemon/mint (fresh) and black tea in a bag.