Everest Base Camp Trek Part 10/11, Day7 - Dingboche to Lobuche

It’s been 10 days since I have arrived in Nepal and I’m only 2 days away from reaching Everest Base Camp. Today I will get to Lobuche, the last stop before I leave it tomorrow morning and finally visit EBC. I think I deal with the altitude quite well, but my head is complaining a lot right now.

I’m already sitting in the common room with Vlad and Tom. There are 2 pills in front of me, one is paracetamol and the other one - antibiotics. I have not taken any pills since becoming vegan and I don’t like to take any, but as I am really feeling under the weather and if I want to make it to my final destination (and possibly back), I have no choice but to take them.

Looking through the window I see yet another beautiful day, the sky is clear and the Sun is peaking from behind the peaks. I hope I will feel its warmth at my back soon. Apparently, there are like 26 degrees in Kathmandu. I actually look towards it. This trip so far should have exceeded everyone’s expectations and I’m happy to have chosen it in order to get further, to clean my head, to survive. I’m not sure, if I would stay in Australia and not go on this trip I would still be here. It’s easy to do something stuping here as well, but as I have people around me I don’t want to be everyone involved in my situation. Also, walking and talking are helping a lot.

The 4 of us started today’s trek at half eight, taking the path next to our lodge uphill towards the Stupa. It took us only like 10 minutes to get up the hill, but all of us did remove few layers we had on straight away, even though it was still rather cold (below zero), the uphill walk made us sweat already.

The trek continued towards little village called Thukla, gently ascending up. We met a lot of organized groups on the way and stopped in Thukla for a warm cup of tea. I definitely recommend stopping there as it is the start of a quite steep ascent. Going up the hill reminded me yesterday hike to Nangkar Tshang.

Doing a simpler hike yesterday did not help me to progress very fast today. The flu I’m having was not helping me at all. I actually took one more paracetamol in Thukla to give my head the needed break. This uphill section was one of the hardest on the trek, but I do think the one to Tengboche was harder and longer.

After we climbed to the top we were introduced to many memorials to lost climbers and sherpas. Once we have crossed the ridge, we sow for the first time the view of Pumori (7165m) mountain. I felt the air got heavier. I kind of expected to climb another hill before reaching today’s destination - Lobuche (4930m). Instead of that the trek just gently went uphill till we reached Lobuche. Today’s walk took us 3 hours and 25 minutes, which would exclude the 30 min break in Thukla.

After checking in to Himalaya Eco Resort we ended up in the highest located bakery. I ordered freshly baked apple pie and Tom had a carrot cake. It was warm and cozy there and I even fell asleep for a few minutes. My head was just not right so I said goodbye to Tom and Vlad and went back to the Lodge - straight to my bed.

Once I lied down I started to feel a little bit better, the sun was shining through the window and the room actually felt nice and warm. I continued reading a book for quite a while before thinking about my whole personal situation and my sweetheart again. I went through everything in my head, what happened, asking questions - the same ones, again and again. Why? Why? Why? The reader of this (if anyone will ever read it) might not still realize, how I really felt. Imagine, losing everything you had. I’m not writing here about material stuff, that’s completely replaceable. I’m talking about something, which was very important for you, a relationship, which you highly valued and cherished the other person you had with you at all times. I think I was not a bad partner, I have never cheated on her, I have never looked at other women the same way as I did at her (even though she can argue with that, but that’s just not true). I loved her and still love her with all my heart. Yes, I know, it’s broken, actually - no, it’s been shattered to small pieces. She switched rather quickly, saying I love you to one person to another within virtually seconds. And that hurts.

I always tried to do whatever was best for us two. In the last few months, I even had a hidden agenda - I tried to earn some money doing cryptocurrency day trading in order to repay our debts, and earn extra as I wanted to buy a nice ring (I actually got 2, but that’s another story). I wanted to ask her and give her the option to actually leave Australia earlier than we planned in order to buy the peace of land in Slovakia we wanted to, get some puppies and move on with our lives, be closer to our families. I actually liked her parents, her mum was really great women and I could see having great relationships with them. I wanted to be the best partner she ever had, build her a house, set up a business with her, doing hiking/trekking services, even with combination with paragliding. I had a lot of ideas about what to do and I was prepared to work hard to achieve them, to have a happy family. I even got a job offer in Sydney paying me 240 000 AUD a year as a Head of IT! She will never find out about this as I am sure she will never read this. But this is not about the money, I never wanted to be rich. I just wanted to be rich on a personal level and she made me a really poor and broken man. But maybe I deserved it. I have never lied to her when I told her I love her, I really meant it, I did not want anyone else, I had no intentions to look in a different way at someone else.

At half six I got up, put some warm layers on and went to have a look in the common room to see what is happening there. There was a larger group of trekkers sitting around the big stove in the middle of the room. They made extra space for me so I can join them and warm myself up.

For the supper, I asked for garlic soup and vegetable fried rice, which I have not finished. I also popped-in another paracetamol and for the first time, I also had another pill - Diamox, which helps you with the altitude sickness. I was not sure if I can contribute my health symptoms to the cold/flu or if the altitude had something to do with it. I really want to make it to the Everest Base Camp tomorrow.