Everest Base Camp Trek - Part 1/11, Arrival at Nepal

And here I am. Holding a pen in my hand, writing the first words in my first real diary.

Today I have arrived in Kathmandu - Nepal, for the first time of my life.

I have left Sydney one day ago, flown with China Easter airlines first to Shanghai, then via Kunming to Kathmandu. In Shanghai, I had to get a short transit visa in order to take a domestic flight. I was certainly not prepared for that as I had to go through multiple security controls.

Immigration in Nepal was pretty straightforward, the airport looked dated, I had to pay with cash for the visa as well. But I guess this is the system they got used to so I had to comply.

The plane journey was largely uneventful, I watched a few moves, well, at least I have tried, the food was half decent, but hey, this was a China Eastern airline! The standard was not as high as with some other larger and more westernized airlines.

Unfortunately, my thoughts were still with my sweetheart (I won’t use her name to protect her privacy, even though I used it originally in my diary, this is the only change I’m making) - a girl which I spent the last 2 years of my life. We broke up, well, actually she broke up with me some time back. I did not take it well, ever since I have been going through multiple panic attacks every day. Some of them were actually quite bad - my whole body was shaking.

I did experience a few on the plane during the flight and almost cried as well.

This is the ultimate price someone has to pay if he/she loved the other half so deeply as I did. And I still love her with all my heart. She broke it though, she hurt me big time.

This is the reason, why I am writing these words right now.

I have decided that I need to clear my head and what better way then embark on a new journey.

I’m here in Nepal to do Everest Base Camp trek! I have packed lightly as I am doing this independently without anyone’s help.

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, I had to take a taxi from the airport to the hostel I picked. While looking around the taxi stands in front of the airport and texting with my family I was approached by a few taxi drivers. I asked one how much would it be and he said 700 rupees. I almost agreed when another guy come over and told me that he can do it for 500. I eventually agreed and he actually called someone else, haha. The journey was slow due to the amount of traffic in Kathmandu. In the end, I only paid 400, leaving me with 300 in my pocket as savings.

On the Internet, I have found a guide about how to do the Everest Base Camp trek by one girl and I like it so much that I decided to follow it loosely.

I chosen Alobar1000 hosted for my first 2 nights. upon paying 950 rupees I was given a set of keys and shown my bunk bed in a room of 6. It was basic but clean. I have removed some of my possessions from my bag and locked them up, then went for a short stroll to look around the area. I was pleasantly surprised of how much cleaner is in Kathmandu compared to India. Kathmandu is a dusty city, but I have not seen big piles of rubbish as in India. The people were not as pushy and if approached, thank you easily sent them away and did a great job.

For dinner, I decided to stay in the hostel as they had a rooftop restaurant which was a great place to socialize. They even had dart night that evening - I was asked to participate as well.

My dinner considered of Dal Baht - a traditional Nepalese meal, which I really enjoyed. There were 2 backpacker girls sitting in the next booth so I had a small talk with them before they disappeared.

I went to bed early, after 9pm, very tired and very cold. I only used the blanket provided and kept my sleeping bag in my backpack. It was soo cold that I slept in the same clothing in which I traveled.