Book review - Food for Life by Neal Barnard MD

I have just finished reading a book which I wanted to read a long time ago but only got my hands on it few weeks ago:

FOOD for LIFE - How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

Neal BarnardM.D.

Neal Barnard wrote this book more than couple of decades ago but this does not mean the content of the book is outdated. It is still relevant, even though it’s almost end of 2018

I read other books on similar topics as I have been into the nutrition for over 8 years. I used to have certain problems in the past and when I have moved to Australia in 2018 I really started to look into what we should eat, what is good for us and what we should completely avoid.

Unfortunately, like most of you, I have been initially deceived by the surplus of information, specially on the internet. Even if you look at Amazon, you will find not 100’s, but 1000’s of books about nutrition. So who is right and who is wrong? Which diet is the best for you? Is there actual evidence that the particular diet is the ONE?

As I got into Crossfit community early in the 2011, I have learned about Paleo diet and upon the closer investigation (actually hours and hours), I really concluded, that Paleo is the way to go. And how wrong was I! Unfortunately there is just too much misinformation out there, that it is hard to say and distinguish what is right and what is wrong. After 2 hospital admissions over the next few years, I had to re-learn what I have learned already. Still, it was extremely hard to find the right peace of information as 95% of what you will read on the Internet, in the books or magazines is actually pure bullshit.

Fortunately for me, I cam across work of doctor Michael Greger, who’s videos I have digested on the youtube as well as the information he provided on his website:

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He really opened my eyes and I actually turned to science. Eventually I found out and my understanding got better by realising that there is only 1 diet which have been scientifically proven to stop and reverse the most common diseases we will die for - PLANT BASED DIET aka “Vegan diet

Back to Neal’s book.

There are only few books written with passion and I consider Food for Life to be one of them. There is no bullshit, everything is referenced well and real examples are provided. At the end of the book you will find references to actual and real scientific studies! Show me book written about Atkins, Paleo or any other diet containing 100’s of references to real studies! You will not find one! China Study, How not to Die and other similar books contains plethora of supportive studies and don’t include things like - what I think, what the media says, etc.

The content of the book by Neal Barnard - Food for Life is clearly divided to easy to read chapters, starting with Introduction about the new scientific breakthrough. First chapter - Forever Young describes how our body works and what is Nature’s Medicine. Second chapter speaks about Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease, and so on … Every chapter is written in an easy way for the reader to understand the particulars, without needed medical degree.

Halfway through the book you will get into the recipe section. Dr. Neal Barnard not only wants the reader to understand the power of food, but wants to give them even more - in the form of the actual recipes! I have already tried some of them and they are really delicious even after all those years. And they are simple to make!

Overall, I was impressed by the content of this book and I strongly believe all of us should read his book. I know, not all of you will agree with its contents, but this about this - if you do not agree, what is your base? Why do you think you are right and Neal Barnard is wrong? Are you actually qualified doctor who knows about nutrition? You will find out, that the answers to my questions are just - NO.

If you want to live happy and healthy life, read the book, start doing the right thing. Help yourself and help this planet in the process. We have been blinded by the media, society, internet. It’s time to learn what makes us tick and what should we do to maintain our health. Food is our medicine. Do we know how to use it? NO.